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Hyperloop One Global Challenge Event in DC, April 8, 2017

Full Video Of Hyperloop One's Washington, D.C. Global Challenge Event

Bruce Upbin
VP Strategic Communications, Hyperloop One

Our Vision For America event on April 6 in Washington, D.C. was the start of a national conversation about investment in 21st century infrastructure and the role that Hyperloop could play in advancing growth opportunities in the U.S. We’ve been working with governments around the world to bring Hyperloop to reality, and America should be one of the foremost markets for the deployment of Hyperloop technology. Here’s the complete video of the standing-room gathering last week at the Newseum.

Our Executive Chairman and co-founder Shervin Pishevar and CEO Rob Lloyd started things out by explaining the guiding principles and our progress to date. We showcased some of the eleven U.S. routes proposed by the committed teams that made the cut into the semifinalist round of the Hyperloop One Global Challenge. Tyler Duvall, partner at McKinsey & Co. and former Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy at the U.S. Department of Transportation, gave a smart talk on why the U.S. ought to be the disruptor in global transportation. “We do quite well when the private sector is racing ahead with specific technologies and the government’s role is to set rules around them,” says Duvall, who argued that we need more of a national consensus on the problems that remain to be solved and to streamline the procurement process.

Our SVP of Global Field Operations, Nick Earle, closed the event with a wide-ranging panel on transport innovation and investment with the Honorable Anthony Foxx, former U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Alan Berger, Professor of Advanced Urbanism at MIT, Andy Garbutt, the head of infrastructure at KPMG, Caroline Decker, VP of Government Affairs at Amtrak, and Dean Wise, former VP of Network Strategy at BNSF. Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page or on Twitter.