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Hyperloop at Home

Hyperloop at Home


As a start-up, we’re used to wearing many hats, but honestly nothing has prepared us for this.

Juggling kids and homeschooling, conference calls and bootlegging an office in the garage, balancing the news and balancing the moment. 

We are fortunate to be continuing our work remotely, making meaningful inroads towards creating the future we all want to live in, with clean air, reliable transit, and access to opportunity. At the same time we want to share, from our kitchen table to yours, the small things that bring a smile to our day and keep our children occupied for 30 minutes. 

Every week we’ll post something fun, whether a STEM activity or a hyperloop coloring page (remember, coloring isn't just for kids). We'll update this post with all the resources as we release them, so make sure to bookmark it!


Here’s Alex Esseveld, our head of design, who’s creating a hyperloop coloring book for his daughter Mina  –– based on real pictures, scaled down. You can download the first page here.

If you tag @HyperloopOne, we’d love to share your designs for the world to see 


Liz Kelly, our Materials Engineering Manager, created a short experiment you can try at home, to demonstrate the importance of material properties. Instructions, explanations, and more can be found here.



This week, we’re back with a new coloring sheet! Imagine the year is 2040 and there’s a hyperloop in your city. Where does it take you? What new opportunities does it enable? Draw your vision for the future and share with us @HyperloopOne - we’ll repost our favorites! You can download this week’s page here (and make sure check out last week’s as well!). 

Imagine the future



Tim Lambert, our Lead Electromagnetic Design Engineer, designs the magnets that let the pod fly through the tube - overcoming friction and air resistance. To demonstrate the importance of these principles, he came up with a few experiments that you can re-create at home.

Week 5

This week, Helen Durden, our Manager of System Loads, Analysis, and Materials, talked with girls from Project Scientist via Zoom - answering their questions about hyperloop and how it will change the world. Kate McCarthy, our Process Development Manager, spoke with a middle and high school engineering class at GALA, inspiring the next generation of female leaders to think big and consider careers in STEM. Stay tuned for recap videos!

A goal of hyperloop has always been about giving people back time, to be with their families, to be doing the million other things they want to do besides sit in traffic. In a small way, we want to share our time with you today, with our minds set on building a better tomorrow. 

Stay tuned and stay well.


The Virgin Hyperloop One team