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Win a Hyperloop One T-shirt!

Win a Hyperloop One T-shirt!

Bruce Upbin
VP Strategic Communications, Hyperloop One

It's as easy as placing a tube on a map. Well, at least it could be... 

Here's how it works:

1. Download our digital tube assets here

2. Transform one or more of them into your vision of where you want to see Hyperloop and how it would look. Amaze us! You can do anything, so long as it involves tubes: Our tubes, your tubes, paper towel tubes... whatever's clever.

3. Upload your masterpiece to your social media accounts and tag them #HyperloopHere so we can track them across the interwebz.

4. If we like your vision (or if it at least makes us smile), we'll repost on our own channels and tag you. (Hey, even if you don't win, that's at least 15 minutes of fame there, no?)

4. When you see it on our socials, go encourage your friends, family, coworkers to upvote/share/like/re-tweet your masterpiece on our accounts. 

5. We'll send the 10 most popular a rad Hyperloop One t-shirt, as seen below...

 Good luck, and we can't wait to see your creations!


Hyperloop One Tshirt

Hyperloop One Tshirt

***Legal mumbo-jumbo***

* Hyperloop One will, at our discretion, choose the images we like the most and post them to our own channels

* Popularity is based on the most combined likes/shares/favorites/re-tweets, etc. across all platforms on our accounts.

* When we notifiy you that you’ve won, you’ll need to provide a legit shipping address. Shipping on the house, of course.

* Posts must be uploaded and tagged by July 18th 6pm PDT to be considered.

* Paper towel tubes not included