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HERE Virgin Hyperloop One Partnership

Virgin Hyperloop One and HERE Technologies Partner to Redefine the End-to-End Passenger Experience

Matt Jones
SVP, Software Engineering

Virgin Hyperloop One is more than getting from A to B. We’re looking to optimize the entire end-to-end passenger experience. A few weeks ago we announced our historic speed tests at DevLoop, the world’s first full system hyperloop test track. We proved our vacuum, levitation, custom electric motor, and the control system that ties it all together. Now, we’re building on top of our controls platform to connect the technology we’ve proven into the entire transportation ecosystem.

We are proud to announce we’ve partnered with HERE Technologies for the first digital demonstration of the Virgin Hyperloop One passenger experience. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, we are showcasing our multimodal navigation app designed for real-time, on demand travel for hyperloop, other modes, even indoor walking directions.

Transportation today is too complex, with multiples apps, and massive terminals to navigate through. It’s not on-demand when you get off one mode of transportation and have to wait ten minutes to get into a car to make it home.

With hyperloop, passengers will be able to plan, book, and pay for a hyperloop journey as well as other modes of transportation including public, private, and ride-shares using the application. The application is the latest to be released using HERE Technologies’ Mobile Software Development Kit for Business which enables detailed location, mapping, and navigation capabilities for 136 countries, public transit information for more than 1,300 cities, and 3D indoor and venue maps.

HERE shares our vision for optimizing travel. As the leading provider of global location data and services, they bring unparalleled expertise with customers ranging from BMW to Jaguar Land Rover to Amazon and Garmin.

Our partnership with HERE is the first of many as we commercialize hyperloop technology. We know that in order to commercialize we need to build an ecosystem. We believe that strong collaboration with the world’s leading transportation, manufacturing, and engineering companies is critical to building safe and reliable solutions, creating a rich passenger experience and introducing hyperloop to the world faster than one company could do on its own.