Erin Kearns | Hyperloop One

Erin Kearns

SVP of Operations
Bio (for board of directors)

As one of the first employees at Virgin Hyperloop One, Erin has managed the exponential growth the company has seen over the past 4 years from the ground up. From day-to-day operations, to major events and global expansion projects, Erin works to facilitate the speed and ease of hyperloop technology development by building a safe, enabling environment. Erin’s team acts as the main artery feeding all aspects of the business.

Erin has over a decade of experience creating events that pushed the boundary of the imagination, employing rapid problem solving to make projects easier and make obstacles disappear. In 2012 she founded House of George, a management and operations consulting company. Starting in 2008 she began producing commercials, fashion shows and public space events in North America and Europe. Her clients included the likes of Alexander Wang, Diesel Black Gold, Express and Rag & Bone. Erin Kearns received a B.S. in Fashion Design at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.