Hyperloop One Global Challenge

What Is The Hyperloop One Global Challenge?

The Hyperloop One Global Challenge is a competition which invites teams anywhere on Earth to put forward a comprehensive commercial, transport, economic, and policy case for their cities, regions, or countries to be considered to host the first hyperloop networks. The Hyperloop One Global Challenge is not an engineering competition: we bring the technology, you tell us how it should be used in your location.

Advised by an international jury of leading experts in transport, technology, economics and innovation, Hyperloop One is seeking to collaborate with applicants who most powerfully make the case for how Hyperloop would not only transform passenger and cargo transport in their locations, but also how that Hyperloop transformation will drive economic growth, generate opportunities for development, and create radically new opportunities for people to live anywhere, work anywhere and be anywhere.


FS Links Case Study

Hyperloop One has formed a partnership with FS Links Ab, to study a potential hyperloop route linking Helsinki and Stockholm, the capital cities of Finland and Sweden. Hyperloop One reduces the journey time from over 16 hours by ferry to around 30 minutes. With on-demand service planned to all major intermediate centers of population, direct service to both Helsinki and Stockholm airports, and a combined 40 million passengers per year, FS Links uses Hyperloop One to create a Nordic super-region.

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St. Gallen

Switzerland - Cargo Sous Terrain

Hyperloop One joined forces with the Swiss industrial consortium Cargo Sous Terrain to develop a fully automated freight transportation system connecting major transport hubs in Switzerland. The system allows flexible, durable and cost-effective underground freight transport of pallets and packages.

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Los Angeles

Arcturan Sustainable Cargo

Hyperloop One, AECOM and GRID Logistics, together with consulting partner KPMG, have committed to collaborate on a privately funded economic and technical feasibility study. The study investigates using innovative advanced technologies to alleviate traffic congestion in the Los Angeles area, to improve air quality and port efficiency and positively impact the city's economic competiveness.

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List of Semifinalists

  • AR Buenos Aires Cordoba
  • AU Sydney Melbourne
  • CA Ring of Fire
  • CA Toronto Montreal
  • CA Vancouver
  • CH Shanghai Hangzhou
  • DE German Loop
  • EE Tallin Helsinki
  • ES Madrid Tangiers
  • FR Corsica Sardinia
  • IL Eilat Tel Aviv
  • IN Bangalore Thiruvan
  • IN Chennai BangaloreA
  • IN Chennai BangaloreB
  • IN Freight Corridor
  • IN Mumbai Chennai
  • IN Mumbai Delhi
  • KS Seoul Busan
  • MX Mexico City Guadalajara
  • NL Dutch Loop
  • PL Warsaw Wroclaw
  • SA Durban Joburg
  • UK Glasgow Cardiff
  • UK Liverpool Hull
  • UK London Edinburgh
  • UK Northern Arc
  • US Boston Somerset
  • US Cheyenne Houston
  • US Gary Louisville
  • US LA Ensenada
  • US Kansas City St Louis
  • US Miami Orlando
  • US Midwest
  • US Nevada
  • US Rocky Mountain¬†
  • US Colorado
  • US Seattle Portland
  • US Texas Triangle

International Panel of Judges

Jury members listed below shall under no circumstances be contacted by competition participants or their representatives. Participants who attempt to contact jury members shall be disqualified. Click on the judges picture to learn more.

Peter Diamandis
Peter Diamandis
Bassam Mansour
Bassam Mansour
Ulla Tapaninen
Ulla Tapaninen
Clive Burrows
Clive Burrows
Alan Berger
Alan Berger