Brian Gaumer | Hyperloop One

Brian Gaumer

Bio (for board of directors)

As one of the first ten to join the Virgin Hyperloop One team, Brian has been instrumental in taking the company’s technology from concept to commercial ready. Brian has led the company’s test and development team starting with first demonstration of VHO’s proprietary electric motor in 2015 to achieving the world’s first full-system test in the Nevada Desert. To accomplish these milestones, Brian has developed the team to make it happen as well as led the building of numerous one-of-a-kind test rigs to prove out low atmospheric levitation and operation – a first for any transportation mode. 

Brian has 20 years of experience in design, applications and manufacturing engineering, with 10 of those years specifically focused on product development, testing and qualification. As the Chief Engineer at RBC, Brian built and led cross functional aerospace and industrial application engineering teams across the globe in addition to building a state of the art test facility to service aerospace OEM’s. Brain has experience working with industry leaders across spacecraft, commercial and military aircraft, aerospace engines, aerospace sub assembly manufactures, and industrial equipment. He has been a leader in developing and implementing product testing programs, as well as inventing original solutions to solve problems. He currently holds 8 patents.

In his spare time, Brian is also a pilot, certified snowboard instructor, metalsmith, and restorer of antique automobiles.