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Rob Ferber

VP Chief Engineer
Bio (for board of directors)

With over 10,000 MWh of battery systems installed and attributable to his inventions worldwide, Rob has more large battery systems deployed than anyone in history. He has worked on the Tesla Motors battery system and the battery system found in the BMW Mini-e, electric buses, trucks and scooters across four continents.

A serial entrepreneur and inventor, Rob has 20 years of experience with pioneering development and deployment of products and opening new markets. He has also been involved is multiple regulation studies in the PJM, Eskom, CAISO, and other energy markets.

Rob was a founding team member at Tesla, pre-dating the company’s incorporation by two years, and served as the company’s Science Director.

After being admitted to the Doctoral program in Geology and Planetary Sciences at Caltech without a baccalaureate, he left the magnetics lab of Dr. Kirschvink to become the CTO and founding technologist of eToys, Inc. which became his first multi-billion dollar publicly traded company in 1999. Rob served as founding CTO and/or CEO for six companies in the dot-com era that required significant software and technology development in other areas including remote sensing, cybersecurity, and data structures & analysis.

His most recent startup, ElectronVault, developed a low-cost, high first-pass yield battery system platform and manufacturing process featuring novel cell joining technology, thermal management, battery management and integrated safety system for electric vehicles and infrastructure energy storage.

Rob is a member IEEE, ACS, and SAE.