Switzerland - Cargo Sous Terrain


January 2017: Hyperloop One joined forces with the Swiss industrial consortium Cargo Sous Terrain to develop a fully automated freight transportation system connecting major transport hubs in Switzerland. The system allows flexible, durable and cost-effective underground freight transport of pallets and packages.

Within the last two years, a bankable feasibility study was performed. Dedicated work packages were carried out to evaluate the market and revenue prognosis, technical solution options, options for an actual route alignment, including the geological and geotechnical considerations, the environmental and the social economic impact as well as a fully blown business case.

Tunnels were designed to connect the logistics hubs, distribution centers and logistics sites close to city centers. The last mile distribution will then be realized by dedicated and route-optimized inner city logistics.

The System is envisaged to be operated in cooperation with the partners of the Swiss retail syndicate comprised of COOP, Denner, Manor and Migros as the major retailers as well as the Swiss national logistics providers SBB Cargo, Swiss Post and Rhenus Logistics as well as Swisscom the national telecom provider.

For engineering aspects, partners as Herrenknecht, Implenia, Holcim and Swisslog support the project.

The new on demand type of underground freight transportation system will be used complementary to the Swiss road and rail network. It will significantly relive the Swiss transportation infrastructure.

The first scheduled section of about 66.7 kilometers in the central Swiss Plateau shall connect Härkingen/Niederbipp and the city of Zürich by 2030. Subsequently, a comprehensive network is planned between the Bodensee in eastern Switzerland and the Lac Léman in western Switzerland, with branches to Basel and Luzern.

The tunnels shall be built at a depth of up to 50 meters having a diameter of 6 meters.

In the next phase Hyperloop One and CST will be evaluating jointly with the top Swiss Universities ETH and EPFL the technical feasibility of applying freight transport specific transportation solutions based on hyperloop technology. Additionally, aspects of new business models will be elaborated.